Soft Landings offers guidance, inspiration, and practical tools for women in times of change. Through individual Clarity sessions, group workshops, and publications, Soft Landings weaves a web of support, space and time for authentic reflection and recalibration to ensure a soft landing after a leap of faith or before climbing to another level. Soft Landings is spirituality with substance, intuition with intelligence, and gentle guidance for women who want to take center-stage in their own lives. 

Contact Karen Wyman at Soft Landings via e-mail at karen.wyman@outlook.com or by phone at 207-844-4455.

Karen Wyman describes the work she does through Soft Landings:

I create space in which clients have the opportunity to speak and to listen to their own wisdom. I serve as a mirror, reflecting and reframing what I hear from them and from the cards.

Common issues include balancing work and personal endeavors, handling transitions, relationship issues, responding to diagnoses, and staying “plugged in” while moving very fast in life.

With you when your future is yet to be written.

I meet with women who are preparing for, in the midst of, and emerging from times of change in their lives. I listen deeply to the women with whom I work to weave a net of words that ensures the softest of landings to their individual leaps of faith. Whether they are facing a new family member, a new business venture, a new relationship, or the ending of a cycle in their lives, I am with them when the future feels both far away and right here and completely uncertain. I collaborate with women to help them create the futures they most desire.

Using Life’s Changes to Awaken Spiritually

I use a variety of tools, including my intuition, deep listening, and divination tools such as Tarot cards to provide a new framework for understanding the energies at work within and around my clients. Spirituality is often relegated to a discrete practice or weekly worship, and I offer a spirituality that you can use. Clients receive practical tools to use, concrete steps to take, and a sensible way to understand this particular point in their lives. This is no airy-fairy, woo-woo Tarot reading; this is work with substance and real value.

Tracking Your Own Evolution

There is immense value in one-time readings. Giving yourself, even once, the gift of pressing the pause button to listen to yourself and to the energy swirling around you is a beautiful and scrumptious treat. Regular readings offer a gentle way to track your progress and the changes in the energy around you. Patterns emerge, shifts become clear, and there is an opportunity to connect the events of your life in new ways that promote greater clarity, peace, and positive movement.

Perspective Can Change Everything

It can be tough to keep a sense of perspective when you are quivering on the edge of a cliff, navigating constantly changing waters, or chewing your fingernails down to the quick in contemplation. Prior to your reading, I will have prepared the space both energetically and physically to support you in coming to stillness. I create a container in which you can simply be. You can bring the whole mess with you – no need to tidy it up into neat packages. The images of the cards and the language they evoke will begin to strike chords of meaning with you. You’ll have moments of “Yes! That’s it,” as well as moments of “Nah, not quite.” You are the expert on your life, and I offer possibilities. Your “yes” tells me where to cast, and we sink our lines into the deepest and richest places of meaning. As we pull up the language to name your gifts, challenges, and experiences, you find touchstones of language to take with you. These turns of phrase become the breadcrumbs that lead you home.

Energy Spent Wisely

I work with women who are doing a lot and who are moving fast. The people around them see them as energetic superwomen, rarely tiring and knowing just what to do in every situation. Inside, they often feel as if they are running on empty and flying by the seat of their pants. They worry that they’ll be found out as fakes any minute, despite the fact that they are leaders in their organizations, communities, and social networks. These women often feel that their energy, in the forms of time, money, and resources, slip away from them. They sometimes feel that they are out of sync, and that there simply must be a better way. Readings offer an energetic forecast so that women can plan to work with, rather than against, the energy in their lives. Readings help women tune into the rhythms at work around and within them. With this knowledge, they can then strategically plan and adapt their endeavors to be most effective and successful. Their valuable energy can be spent wisely.

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