Soft Landings Sessions


Welcome and thank you for considering a session with me! I am happy to answer any questions you have about these offerings, and I’m also happy to get creative and come up with something just right if you don’t see it here already. I’m also open to creative payment arrangements, and I’m a member of Hour Exchange Portland. I believe my work has value, and I also believe that all of us can benefit from this work. Call or email me to get current rates, schedule a session, ask questions, and propose wild ideas. I happily accept payments through the PayPal link below, cash, and personal checks.

Phone: 207-844-4455


The Year Ahead Session – 90 minutes

A 13-card reading that offers a forecast of the upcoming year. This reading is ideal for New Years’ celebrations, anniversaries, and birthdays. This month-by-month look at the year provides a dynamic and informative tool for goal-setting, planning, and insight. The cards for each month are followed by a 13th card that acts as a lens for the year as a whole. This powerful reading gives customized touchstones, affirmations and practices to support you throughout the year ahead.

The Snapshot – 60 minutes

When you want a clear, concise picture of the energy at work in your life, this is the reading to get. The Snapshot can be tailored to a span of time or to a particular issue – or it can be left open to whatever arises. This is a lovely introduction to Navigational Tarot for someone who is new and unfamiliar, or it can be the perfect energetic “tune-up” for those who receive regular readings.

Clarity Session – 90 minutes

This 11- to 13- card reading focuses on your current situation and the energies at work within and around you. This reading offers compassionate and clear insight about the past, present and future of the situation. This is the session to get when you are facing some major issue or combination of issues, and it’s often very helpful when navigating major life changes. This variation of the Celtic Cross layout paints a picture of both the energies at work internally and externally. Positive strategies to maximize the good and minimize the not-so-good will be addressed.

The Works  - 2 hours and 30 minutes

This reading is perfect when you are facing a situation with a high degree of complexity or intensity or when you really want to delve into a particular issue deeply. An initial exploratory session will identify the specifics of your situation that you would like to address, and an individualized session will be created to best suit your needs. This session is unique to each person and could include traditional Tarot readings, question/answer sessions with the cards, guided visualizations, or other creative approaches.

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